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Students Make One of a Kind Prom Dresses
With the excitement of Prom Season upon us, students in Mrs. Walker's ESP Intro to Fashion class have created one of a kind dresses.
After viewing all of them, decide which one you like the best and vote!  Share these amazing dress designs with your family and friends, so they can vote too!  Voting ends May 12th. Click here to vote.
Mrs. Walker's class is always looking for dress mannequins, fabric and decorative accents to create new dresses.  Please contact for more information. 
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A Message for IHS Families Regarding the PSSA

March, 2023

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

During the month of April and May, students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 throughout the state of Pennsylvania will participate in state-initiated assessments of English language arts, mathematics, and science. 

In the Intermediate High School, we will follow the testing schedule listed below:


English Language Arts - April 25, 26 & 27, 2023

Mathematics – May 2, 3, 2023

Science – May 4, 2023


In order to help you understand more about the nature and purpose of these assessments, we are sharing with you an informational sheet designed to answer many of the questions you may have. Please note that parents or guardians have the right to request that their child be exempted from these evaluations. According to state regulations, parents who preview the test may only request that a child be exempt from the assessment(s) if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. The exemption request must be submitted in writing to the building principal prior to the first day of the assessment.

Since these tests include both multiple choice questions and performance responses, they assist the District in gaining a fuller picture about the quality of our program than can be determined through the use of standardized achievement tests alone. As soon as they become available, results will be sent to each building and your child’s individual scores will be sent home to you. These will give you an indication of how your child scored in relation to other children in the state.

In an effort to have students be more comfortable during the math testing, we encourage students to bring their own calculators on the days of the math testing. Also, since the Butler Intermediate High School does not have a calculator for every student, this would assist us in having sufficient numbers of calculators for everyone.  

Additionally, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has requested that Districts remind parents and students about the state rules and policies that relate to the possession of cell phones, smart phones, and other prohibited electronic devices in the testing area. These policies supersede our District policies during testing and are outlined in the following statements:

  1. Cell phones, smart phones, and other prohibited electronic devices are not allowed during test administration. Using or having any of these devices during the testing will result in your student’s test not being scored. A DO NOT SCORE label will be attached to his or her test.

  1. If a student uses any of these prohibited devices in any way during the administration of the test, the devices will be confiscated, parents will be called to the school, and parents will be required to show that no information or material regarding the assessment is present on the device. The student’s discipline will vary based on District policy: however, if the integrity of any assessment item is compromised and can no longer be used by the state, the parents and students may be responsible for the cost of replacement.

If, after reading the attached information you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact either my office or the office of Dr. Brian Slamecka, Assistant Superintendent.


Stephen Dobransky
Principal, Butler Intermediate High School


Click to view the Parent/Guardian PSSA FAQ document.

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IHS Chess Club Tournament

The Intermediate High School Chess Club recently held its annual winter tournament. Out of 16 total competitors, 8th grader Connor Platt won the championship, with 8th grader Kaysen Self coming in 2nd place and 6th grader Jude Perhacs taking home 3rd. Congratulations!

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Tornado Connection -- Winter 2023

The Tornado Connection is the Intermediate High School's online newspaper for parents. The articles are written by 7th and 8th grade students in Ms. Minch's "Tornado Connection" enrichment class. 

Click on the link below to read the Tornado Connection!

Tornado Connection -- Winter 2022

Tornado Connection Archives.

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For the Love of Paws

The Intermediate High School Starfish Program recently sponsored a great event for students with the Dog Paws team.

Nancy Kieffer and her team at Dog Paws visited Ms. LeFebvre, Mr. Armahizer, Mrs. Kingman, Mrs. Beacom,  Mrs. Seguite, and Mr. Miler's students at the Intermediate High School.

The Dog Paws team introduced themselves and their service dogs and taught lessons in dog safety including how to approach dogs, how to pet them, and what to do should one ever encounter a stray or escaped dog. 

The dogs then performed tricks for the students who also had the opportunity to pet them. It was a big hit! 

Thank you to the Dog Paws team for visiting. And thank you to Starfish leaders Ava Criley, Emma Davis, and Gabby Snyder for helping make this event possible.

In addition to coordinating this event for students, Eva Criley organized an effort "For the Love of Paws" to donate items to the Butler Humane Society. In addition to much needed items, the IHS raised over $100 in donations. Eva Criley and Gabby Snyder visited the Butler Humane Society to deliver the donations.
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